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HARU TOKEN Referral Program Registration Form (Beta)

HARU TOKEN Referral Program (1).png

You can increase your $HARU through our referral program!

You and your friend will receive 10% BONUS of your referred friend's staking(30days lock).
(Your friend's staked $HARU will not be reduced.)

For example, your friend staked 10 $HARU.
In this case, you will be paid 1 $HARU and your friend will be paid 1 $HARU.
After 30 days, your friend re-stakes 10 $HARU.
You will be paid 1 $HARU again and your friend will be paid 1 $HARU again.

As long as your friend does not stop staking, you will continue to receive rewards!

It's easy to use.
All your friend has to do is enter your wallet address in the "Wallet address that referred you" field below.
Once registered, your referral data will be recorded, so you and your friend do not need to submit the form every time you or your friend stakes.

After your friend's staking (form), the reward $HARU within 72 hours will be sent to you and your friend's wallets.

Share HARU TOKEN with your wallet address, and this page to your friends and SNS , YouTube etc.!

There is no limit to the number of people you may refer!


Only $HARU stakers will receive $DC,$BONE,$BNB airdrops!
Airdrop tokens are different depending on the chain you staked.
Dogechain = $DC
Shibarium = $BONE
BNB smart chain = $BNB

Stakers will be able to receive airdrops while increasing their $HARU !

After being locked for 30 days, Your $HARU can be withdrawn as follows

1 $HARU to 1.2 $HARU 🐋 20%(APR 240%)

10 $HARU to 12 $HARU 🐋 🐋

100 $HARU to 120 $HARU 🐋 🐋🐋

Your $HARU can be manage and withdrawn here

💥1.5x for HARU TOKEN VIP NFT owners! 💥

1 $HARU to 1.5 $HARU🐋50%(APR 600%)

10 $HARU to 15 $HARU 🐋 🐋

100 $HARU to 150 $HARU 🐋🐋🐋


✨If you don't have a VIP NFT, you can MINT it here!


Send $HARU to the following address


1 $HARU or

10 $HARU or

100 $HARU

🪂Airdrops are received every week as follows

1 $HARU Staker 1,000 $DC or 1 $BONE or 0.0001$BNB

10 $HARU Staker 10,000 $DC or 10 $BONE or 0.001$BNB

100 $HARU Staker 100,000 $DC or 100 $BONE or 0.01$BNB

The higher the $HARU price goes, the more your airdrop will increase!

(Airdrop varies depending on the dynamic rewards system)

You must be staking $HARU.

The 10% reward is capped by the $HARU you are staking.

For example, if you are staking 10 $HARU or more in total, you will receive 1$HARU when your friend stakes 10 $HARU, but you will receive 0.1 $HARU if you are only staking 1 $HARU.
You will always receive 10% if you have staked a total of 100 $HARU or more in total.

Staking with your own separate wallet address is not allowed.
Staking HARU VIP NFTs by moving them to another wallet is prohibited.
If such an operation is discovered, the referral system will be disabled for that address.

​*These rules may be added, modified or deleted without notice.

Referral Program Registration Form

Please fill in all fields

Thank you for registering!

This form cannot be submitted because the limit has been reached. Please use it after a while.

Referral program template

This is a template for the referral program!
Please copy it and use it on SNS!

Buy $HARU tokens and get 1.2x (VIP 1.5x) staking for 30 days!
You will also receive weekly $DC airdrops while increasing your tokens with staking!

Just buy $HARU tokens at and send them to the following address


A staking lock will be created within 24 hours for you to manage and withdraw your tokens.

Please send 10 $HARU or 100 $HARU.

And if you register my address at the following referral program site, you will receive cash back 10% of your staked tokens within 72 hours!

My address
[paste your address here] 

VIP NFTs that increase your staking interest rate by 1.5x can be purchased here!

If you need support, join the Telegram group

More information
Web site

#Dogechian #Shibarium

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