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$HARU polygon
Private sale

polygon Chain

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$HARU on polygon

10,000 $HARU for Private sale


You can buy

1 $HARU for 0.1 $MATIC

Minimum of 100 $HARU and maximum of 1000 entries from a single address.
Please send up to 100 $MATIC in Polygon chain to the following address


You will receive $HARU in your wallet when the presale is set. 

Total supply for $HARU is 1,000,000 

Private sale will close on November 14 at 23:59 UTC.

Contract address


Presale at PinkSale

From Nov 15th 0:00 UTC

Pre-Sale: 100,000 (soft cap 25%)
1$HARU = $0.1

List Price: 1$HARU = $0.15
Quickswap Liquidity: 32,300 (10 months lock)
Staking rewards: 500,000
Marketing: 150,000
CEX Liquidity: 100,000
Team: 100,000 (10 months vesting)

Private Sale 10,000

Pre Staking rewards 7,700

Launch Date

Nov 22th 00:00 UTC


Starting price at QUICKSWAP is 1$HARU = $0.15


$HARU can be increased by staking, and $MATIC will be airdropped everyday to the staked $HARU.

The price of a $HARU is $0.1, base airdrop is 0.0001 $MATIC per $HARU.

If the price of a $HARU is $1 or more, 0.001 $MATIC airdrop for every 1 $HARU in staking.
The higher $HARU price goes,  more $MATIC airdrop will increase!

Dynamic Reward System(DRS)


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If you staked(30days lock) before $HARU launch, you can staking at a special one-time interest rate!

10 $HARU receives 20 $HARU 

100 $HARU receives 200 $HARU 

1000 $HARU receives 2000 $HARU 

HARU POLYGON NFT owner will receive

10 $HARU receives 25 $HARU 
100 $HARU receives 250 $HARU 

1000 $HARU receives 2500 $HARU 

You can MINT this NFT here.

How to staking

Send 10 ,100 or 1000 $HARU to the following address


After being locked for 30 days, Your $HARU can be manage and withdrawn here




You can buy $HARU at a lower price than the starting price of the launch, but it is not always profitable.
We are not responsible for any damages that may occur.
If the soft cap is not reached, Private Sale will be extended or cancelled (refunded).
This activity is subject to change or termination without notice.

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