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You can increase your $HARU up to 600% APR just by locking it in HARU LOCKER!!

Your $HARU will be locked, but you can withdraw it all on the unlock date.
In the meantime, $HARU in interest will be paid directly to your wallet every day!

Now available on Dogechain, Shibarium, BSC and polygon!

BUY $HARU Dogechain

Locked for

1 month 30%
3 months 125%
6 months 275
12 months 600%

​For example, you locked 1000 $HARU for 1 month.
APR 30% = Receive 10 $HARU every day for 30 days.
300 $HARU + your locked 100 $HARU = TOTAL1300 $HARU you will receive.

Send 1000 $HARU or more to the following address

1 month


3 months 


6 months


12 months


Your Locked $HARU can be manage and withdrawn here ​

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