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Airdrop LENDING(beta)

You can borrow $WDOGE with lending your $HARU, $STAR or $MULTI as collateral.(Dogechain)

You can choose between 100 to 1,000 $HARU,$STAR,$MULTI.
Interest on the loan is 10% for 30 days (interest paid in advance).
The amount you can borrow is 50% of the collateral.

For example
If the price of $HARU is $0.1 and you send 100 $HARU as collateral,

you can borrow $4.50/WDOGE.

$HARU price x lending $HARU / 2 = collateral price

($0.1 x 100 HARU / 2 = $5.00)

collateral price - 10% Interest = borrowing $WDOGE

($5.00 - $0.50 = $4.50 / $WDOGE price) 

If 1 $WDOGE = $0.10, you receive = 45 $WDOGE

When you repay the  45 $WDOGE within 30 days, your 100 $HARU will be returned.

Until then, 1 $WDOGE will be airdropped every day!

You will receive 30 $WDOGE in 30 days, making your actual payment is 15 $WDOGE.


Please send Up to 1,000 $HARU,$STAR or $MULTI in 100 increments to the address below.


Borrowings are credited to your wallet within 24 hours.
($WDOGE quantities are based on the market price at the time the Borrowing is processed.)

Then send the borrowed $WDOGE within 30 days to the same address above.

Repayment is due 30 days from the date and time it is sent to your wallet.
If you exceed the repayment deadline, your collateral will be forfeited.

This service may be modified, suspended or terminated with prior announcement.

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