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Create your token & NFT for FREE!


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GET fans and funds!

Expand your activities with more fans around the world!

The price of the original token & NFT is a recognition of your activity!

We create your original token & NFT free of charge!

Those who are active on YouTube, SNS, blogs, etc., artists, athletes, creators, actors, voice actors, models, talents, comedians and those who aspire to become them, unique stores and product sales, volunteers and conservation activities, etc. ...

Would you like to increase the value of your activitiy with an original token?

It's completely free of charge!

All you have to do is decide on the name of your token!

Why is it free?

Because we have been able to generate revenue in the token market,

We will issue new tokens & NFT, promote and support you for free.

There is no financial burden or contract for you.

You can easily use our service with just one Mobile phone.


HARU TOKEN is a token issuance service.

This project will continue to support your attractive activities!

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They are very friendly!

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The original token is created in DeFi!


Flow of issuing original tokens

Application and Inquiries

You can apply using the form below.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

*Applications are subject to screening. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request.

Please select

Your submission has been completed! We will contact you by return email.

Details of original token issuance

The number of original tokens issued is 1 million.

50% of those 500,000 will be used to provide liquidity on the exchange (1 year lock-up). Once the original tokens are listed on the exchange, trading will begin and prices will begin to fluctuate.

The price of a token is one valuation of your activity. 

It is like the stock price of a company. 

By issuing tokens, you can expand your activities to the world and increase your fan base. 

As the world appreciates your activities and the price of your tokens increases, the value of your token assets will increase.


The remaining 50% will be sent to your wallet in phases.


After 1 month 100,000

2 months later 100,000

3 months later 100,000

4 months later 100,000

5 months later 100,000


By doing this, the token issuer will not be able to sell out, thereby reducing the anxiety of token buyers and increasing the number of participants.


You are free to spend the tokens you receive.

You can sell them to fund future activities, airdrop them to fans, issue NFTs, provide liquidity to new exchanges, reward staking, etc.

It can also be invested as a retirement fund or inheritance asset.

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$HARU is a dividend token that shares earnings with its holders.

HARU TOKEN generates revenue by "creating countless original tokens" and listing them on exchanges to provide and support liquidity for them.

Dividends are paid every Monday

"Happy Mondays"!

*The more $HARU tokens you have, the more dividends you will receive.

Token symbol: HARU

Total supply: 1,000,000

Blockchain: Dogechain (DOG-20)

Listed Exchange:

Contract: 0xbC35961aeaa610a57464063B605d25a3B7c0e7eB


The future of $HARU TOKEN

HARU TOKEN will support the activities of people involved in all kinds of culture, art, and industry from Japan to the world by issuing tokens.
HARU TOKEN will be a major liquidity provider of original tokens.
HARU TOKEN will expand its activities through capital gains, income gains, and other profits.

We will constantly be adding new services, partnerships, and promotions to maximize the value of $HARU.

You can purchase $HARU by clicking the button below!


HARU TOKEN is undertaking this activity for the purpose of researching the possibilities of blockchain.

There is no financial cost to the token issuer, but we are not responsible for any damage that may occur.

In addition, the tokens issued are the value within the blockchain, and it is your own responsibility to convert them into stable coins or legal tender, and to file the necessary tax returns and pay the necessary taxes.

This activity is subject to change or termination without notice.

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