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HARU Bitcoin Investment(Beta)

Only for Dogechain now

You can invest in Bitcoin by exchanging $HARU for Bitcoin($HBTC)
If the price of Bitcoin increases, your assets will increase.
You can also earn profits by converting $HBTC back to $HARU.
The investment method is very simple.

Please send 1000 $HARU or more up to 10000 to the address below.


BUY $HARU Dogechain

Your $HARU will be exchanged to $HBTC(HARU BTC)
$HBTC is linked to the price of $BTC on a 1:1 basis.

For example, if you exchange 1,000 $HARU when the price of $HARU is $0.01 and the price of $BTC is $40,000
1,000 $HARU x $0.01 = $10
(Exchange fee is 5%)
You will receive $10 - $0.5 fee / $40000 = 0.0002375 $HBTC

$HBTC you receive can be exchanged to $BTCB(100% safu BNB smart chain Bitcoin)

Please send 0.0001 $HBTC or more to the address below.


(Exchange fee is 5%)

Or you can exchnage to $HARU at any time from 0.0001 $HBTC
Please send 0.0001 $HBTC or more to the address below.

(Exchange fee is 0%)

These processes will be completed within 24 hours.
The exchange rate will be the rate at the time of processing.
Processing may be stopped due to sudden exchange rate fluctuations, etc.

HARU BTC contract address

Dogechain : 0x5662C4811d0b3e37a0E3059F92e2240740E0cd18

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You can increase your Bitcoin every day!

$HBTC delivered directly to your wallet.

Just exchange $HARU for $HBTC and deposit it to these pools!

(Each POOL has a minimum deposit. Deposits below this amount will be void and will not be returned.)

Receipt token $HBTCPOOL will be issued for each POOL until next disribution, so please import them into your wallet when you receive.

You can share the daily emissions of POOL with $HBTC deposited by 0:00 UTC, so more $HBTC you deposit, more $HBTC you can get!

You can withdraw $HBTC from POOL at any time

 (Please return the receipt token $HBTCPOOL issued after depositing to the address where you made the deposit. Your $HBTC will be returned in 24 hours)




These NFTs mine $HBTC(HARU BITCOIN) and delivers it to your wallet every day.

$HBTC is the same price as $BTC.

You can exchange $HBTC to $BTCB (100% safu BNB smart chain Bitcoin)

For example,If you hold ORANGE NFT, this NFT will mine 0.00001 $HBTC every day.
This NFT is valid for 180 days. You can earn 0.0018 $HBTC in total.
If the price of Bitcoin goes to $100,000, you can earn $180.00 worth of Bitcoin.

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